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5 Positive Effects of Practicing Gratitude

Being grateful helps you notice the positive aspects of your life. For many people, this leads to a happier state of mind. 

Increase Happiness

Studies have shown that practicing gratitude can bring an awareness of how beautiful life is. Noticing the good things in our world can lead to an increased feeling of happiness.

Boost Self Esteem

When we start to notice the positive aspects in our own lives, we start to realize they will continue appearing. Eventually, we start realize we have skills that affect these moments in our lives. Knowing this, many people start to feel better about their personal situations, developing a stronger sense of confidence.

Improved Relationships

Showing gratitude to others can greatly impact any relationship. This includes family members, romantic partners, friends, and coworkers. By sharing thanks, an individual is showing appreciation for the other person in the relationship. This leads to stronger feelings of gratitude as each individual starts to pay closer attention to these types of actions.

Reduce Stress

Gratitude has been proven to reduce stress in a variety of situations. By allowing ourselves to focus on the positives, we can find things to be grateful for. In children with stressful family situations, sharing gratitude has been shown to reduce depression and anxiety.

*It should be noted that expressing gratitude and looking for the positives should not be used as a way to minimize a negative situation. This can lead to a sense of toxic positivity, which comes from hiding an individual’s feelings. This suggestion of focusing on gratitude is only meant as a way to improve a long term outlook. An individual’s feelings about a situation should never be ignored. 

Increase optimism

Optimism is an important factor in finding happiness. When we practice gratitude, we begin to notice and celebrate the positive moments in our lives. We find more positivity than we may have expected. As this happens, our optimism increases. We are reminded of the good in our lives. Sharing gratitude can start to become a habit. Once gratitude is a habit, it will become automatic to notice even more amazing moments.

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