MightyMindsets is dedicated to supporting individuals of all ages as they enhance the skills to build a positive mindset and abundant life.

The lives we live are often busy and chaotic, with little time left to slow down and embrace nature, family, or self care. The Mighty Mindset products are designed to support individuals as they embrace growth mindset, kindness, gratitude, mindfulness, and self care. Whether 6 years old, or 96, these resources will provide a reminder of how amazing you truly are.

Who We Are

Bethany C. Goding is the owner and primary developer of the Mighty Mindsets product line.

Bethany holds a M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction: Gifted Education, as well as degrees in Elementary Education and Marketing. Prior to her return to teaching, Bethany worked as an employment specialist where she supported individuals in realizing their dreams and making them happen. Her return to teaching has allowed her to provide the support students need to develop into productive, successful, thriving adults.

One person can make a difference and each of us must try.


What Sets Us Apart

“I feel like we can do this….”

This quote has been heard by anyone who has spent more than five minutes with Bethany. Her dedication to learning new skills has led her to empower and encourage those around her.

The need to develop new mindsets and positive attitudes has been a focus of Bethany’s personal life and professional endeavors for decades. Bethany has put countless hours of research and practice into finding strategies that will help build essential character traits. Bethany used evidence based practices to support her clients and students. She understood there are skills that can be taught, practiced, and developed to help individuals face challenges and struggles. To meet this need, Bethany created activities, journals, and mini curriculum to share strategies for this personal growth.

The Mighty Mindsets products are the culmination of years of research, personal growth, and development.