Mighty Mindsets

Mission Statement

MightyMindsets is dedicated to helping individuals build a positive mindset and abundant life.


It is absolutely possible for one person to make a difference in the world. By believing in your dream and sharing it with others, even the smallest ripples you make will be felt by those across the sea. 

-Bethany C. Goding

The lives we live are often busy and chaotic, with little time left to slow down and embrace nature, family, or self care. The Mighty Mindsets products are designed to support individuals as they embrace growth mindset, kindness, gratitude, mindfulness, and self care.

Whether 6 years old, or 96, these resources will provide a reminder of how amazing you truly are.

What Sets Us Apart

“I feel like we can do this….”

The Mighty Mindsets team is dedicated to helping others develop new mindsets and positive attitudes, stretching their current boundaries and comfort zones to reach success. To meet this need, the Mighty Mindsets team has created activities, journals, and mini curriculum to share strategies for this personal growth.

The team has put countless hours of research and practice into finding strategies that will build essential character traits. Products are developed with research from evidence based practices. These products support individuals as they learn, practice, and develop skills to face challenges and struggles. 

Mighty Mindsets

Who We Are

Founder & Creative Director

Bethany C. Goding

Bethany holds a M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction as well as degrees Education and Marketing. Prior to her return to teaching, Bethany worked as a coach where she supported individuals in finding their dreams and making them happen.

The Mighty Mindsets Team

The team is made up of counselors, educators, and other professionals who have advised and supported each individual project on a consultant basis.

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