7 Tips to Keep Your Passion to Achieve Your Goals

7 Tips to Keep Your Passion to Achieve Your Goals

It is important to maintain the passion to achieve your goals.

Use these strategies consistently to feed the flames:

1. Remember that success brings more success.

Celebrate all your victories. Share your achievements with others who appreciate your work and mission. Make a list and check off each step as you complete it.

2. Find your tribe.

If others are doing similar work, either locally or online, find a way to connect them. There is nothing more stimulating than collaboration and people with a common mission to support each other. Synergy increases passion. Even a little healthy competition can be good.

3. Review your goals and steps to see your progress.

If it seems like your goals are still very far away, remind yourself of the journey. Seeing your progress can be powerful, so create a clear path and realistic steps.

4. Goals and actions should challenge you, but still be attainable.

Make sure your action steps are not too ambitious. If necessary, break the steps into smaller actions that are easier to prepare. We want to stretch, but the steps must be within our reach.

5. Look for reminders of why you set your goal.

Call, email or visit someone who supports your goals. Seeing or talking to others who want what you have to offer strengthens your passion and rekindles the flame.

6. Keep up to date with the success of others in the same field.

When one person or group succeeds, it often opens doors for others. Get Google alerts on a topic you're interested in, or read other blogs and newsletters with a similar mission. Celebrate their progress as well.

7. Don't forget to nourish your body and soul.

To maintain sharp focus and a healthy mind, it's important to take care of your body and mind. Remember to eat, sleep and exercise so you have the physical energy to stay on track. Rejuvenate your mind and body in whatever way works best for you - just make sure that you do it frequently.
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