Personal Growth for Busy Parents

Personal Growth for Busy Parents

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by parenting? As parents, we tend to put our children’s needs before our own. However, making time for your own personal growth, even as a parent, is important, too.. When you take care of yourself and your own well-being, you are better able to care for your family.

For many people, growth doesn’t have to be big changes. In many circumstances, growth may not even be noticeable right away. It simply consists of taking small steps every day to improve yourself.

Here are 10 simple strategies to include personal growth in your every day routine.

Make time to write in a journal every day. 

One of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself is setting aside time to write in a journal every day. It might mean planning to journal as you drink your morning coffee, or sitting down to write after the kids have been settled in bed. Writing in a journal every day allows you to explore your thoughts and foster your growth.

Reflect on where you are in your life.

Consider what kind of person you want to be. Explore different parts of your life, parent, partner, friend., etc.,and imagine what the best version of yourself looks like in each area. While we tend to set high expectations for ourselves, it’s hard to get there if you don’t have a goal in mind. Which areas of your life would you like to improve and grow?

Replace negative thoughts and beliefs with positive and inspiring thoughts. 

When we consistently think negative thoughts, we tend to build negative beliefs about ourselves. 

These patterns can slow our own personal growth. Pay attention to any negative beliefs you may have developed and work to replace those thoughts with positive ones. This may mean simply reminding yourself that you can grow and improve. 

Ask a friend to be your accountability buddy.

Having a friend as an accountability buddy will help you when you need extra support or encouragement. They may be going through something similar, and this type of relationship can help you see that you are not alone in many of your feelings. It helps to have a friend who understands your struggles and accomplishments.

Celebrate every win

Parenthood is hard. As a parent, you’re often focused on everyone else. It can be hard to see any personal progress in between making sure your entire family is taken care of. Celebrating all of your wins will not only help you see the progress you’re making, it provides motivation to keep going.  

Practice gratitude

The act of being grateful will have a positive impact on many aspects of your life. Incorporating gratitude in your daily routine can help you have a more positive, growth-focused outlook. This can also set a positive example for your children.

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Try new activities with your family. 

Scheduling family days is a great way to create memories and fun. Consider how your personal growth goals overlap with activities you can do with your family. If you want to be more artistic, schedule a watercolor or ceramics class with your family. Spend a day exploring outside, or learn or participate in a new sport together.

Family Connection Journal

Schedule regular time away. 

Whether you’re enjoying an afternoon away or a weekend adventure, time away from home is important for recharging your batteries. It frequently feels difficult, especially when your children have busy schedules and babysitters are hard to find. Try to schedule some time for yourself, or a date night with your partner to keep yourself refreshed!

Find a hobby or activity. 

A part of personal growth is uncovering your interests. Find a hobby or activity that sparks your interest. It doesn’t have to be something that takes a lot of time or costs a lot of money. Something as simple as coloring, singing, or reading can help boost your mood.

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Do as much as you can to make your life easier.

Making small optimizations throughout your day can simplify your life and give you more time in the long run. Use calendars or apps on your phone to set reminders for important events. When possible, prepare ahead of time. Ask for help when you need it. Learn to laugh at the chaos of parenthood.

Parenting can provide a type of personal growth. You are learning how to communicate and set a model example for children. However, it can still be possible to improve yourself in all areas of your life. Making time for yourself when you’re raising a family is not an easy task. Remember
that it is possible to find time for yourself and still be there for your family when they need you most.

Go easy on yourself –– just remember that taking just one step is better than taking no steps at all! 

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