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Build Self Esteem By Conquering Challenges

Have you ever felt like you are a hamster in a wheel, just running through the motions of your life, but really not getting anywhere? Sometimes we feel like we are stuck in a rut in our lives. Everything starts to feel like the same thing, over and over. Even the best days offer very little stimulating challenge.

When this starts to happen, it’s important to take a step back and find ways to help yourself grow. Taking on a challenge, no matter how big or small, can be a way to make this happen. When you are challenging yourself, you are pushing yourself to grow. 

That uncomfortable feeling you have when you don’t know what you’re doing? 

That’s what it feels like to learn and grow!

How Can You Start TODAY?

The most important thing is to start today, even if you’re just starting by making some phone calls or start doing research to find out what type of support you will need to be successful. 

Career Change

If you are looking to make a change in your career, you may want to reach out to someone in the same field. You could reach out to your local career center. If you search online, you will most likely find a lot of information, as well. You may need to consider taking classes and learning new skills, so a university or trade school may be able to help you. 

Change Personal Health Habits

There are a number of things you can do to start working toward better health. One of the first things on the list it to drink more water. Look into local gym and trainer rates. You may find that many of them offer free trials to let you determine if it’s right for you. Checking in with your doctor may be an important step toward a goal like this, as well. 

Learning Any Type of New Skill

Deciding to learn a new skill can be daunting and overwhelming. However, there are lots of resources available online. YouTube is a great resource for learning almost anything. 

Understanding Your Emotions

There are many resources, articles, guides, and other materials available to help you learn more about yourself. Learning about how you think and why you think this way is an important first step in understanding your emotions and how they affect you. Journaling can be a very effective tool in this area. 

When You Set Personal Goals, Hold Yourself Accountable

If you struggle with holding yourself accountable, start with smaller goals. Make these goals easily achievable so you are more likely to meet them. These types of goals should feel like “baby steps” toward your larger goals. Even though they won’t help you get to your goals quickly, they will definitely help you get to your goal EVENTUALLY. 

Many times, people have found that they have become more productive as they work on smaller goals. Sometimes smaller goals are more motivating. They are quicker to reach, so you may be more excited to start them. You will also find that the time commitment to meet them is more doable on a stressful or overwhelming day. 

Keep Track of Your Progress

If you are going to build your self confidence in the skills and abilities you have to reach your goal, you need to be able to see progress. You need to be able to see where you started and how much further down the path you have come. This allows you to look at your progress, even if you haven’t reached the final goal. 

  • Keep a goal progress journal
  • Keep a diary of daily activities that are helping you reach your goal. 
  • Keep a diary that lets you list your daily accomplishments, no matter how small.

As you get into the habit of tracking your progress, you will find it to be quite motivating. Even on days when you are unmotivated because you feel like you are moving backward, this will help. It’s on these days that looking at your overall progress can be the most beneficial.

 Even if you didn’t achieve your goal today, you are still further ahead than you were six months ago.

Find an Accountability Partner

If you still struggle with reaching goals, an accountability partner may help. This could be a trainer, coach, mentor, or even a close friend. An accountability partner can be anyone willing to remind you of your goals and hold you accountable for meeting them. It’s very beneficial if this person can also provide advice and encouragement along the way. 

Working toward growth and self improvement should be a constant endeavor. Think of it more as a journey. When you work toward learning and growth, you will start to see how amazing your skills and talents truly are.


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