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Embrace Your Strengths & Build Self-Confidence

Having challenges with self-confidence can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to ruin your ability to go after great opportunities. When you learn to embrace your strengths, you can develop the self-belief you’ve always yearned for.

These strategies will help you embrace your strengths and put your confidence issues behind you:

Highlight your positives

Regardless of your challenge with self-confidence, you can always find things you like about yourself. Take the time to make note of those things.

Highlighting your greatness is a wonderful way to help boost confidence.

Your likes could be physical things. They could also be character traits you possess. Whatever they are, highlight them. Embrace them and remind yourself that you’re an amazing individual!

Set aside time each day to celebrate yourself.

Treat yourself to something nice just because you’re happy with the person you are.

Take note when others compliment you. You may be inclined to brush the compliment aside, but learn to take it at face value. It means that others are seeing positive qualities that you might be overlooking!

Turn challenges into celebration

Use your strengths to help turn challenges around. You can lean on your other skill sets to provide reinforcement during difficult times.

For example, let’s say you need to make a presentation. You may feel nervous. Why not lean on your sense of humor to break the ice?

There are many different ways to use personality and character strengths to your advantage. Be creative and avoid looking at obstacles as insurmountable. Find a way to conquer.

Sharpen your strengths

There’s always room for you to grow! Growing also involves improving on existing strengths. As you work towards sharpening strengths you already have, you’ll find that your self-confidence increases naturally.

Perhaps you’re a quick thinker. You can find ways around challenges easily. But does that mean you’ve mastered the art?

Next time you feel like shying away from a tough challenge, dive in head first. Test yourself to see just how quick on your feet you are.

Set goals that utilize your strong points

There’s a way around your self-confidence issues. Take a break from setting goals that require self-confidence. Instead, set goals that use your strong points.

As you experience success regularly, it will bring out a new confidence in you.

Setting goals that are “easier” to accomplish isn’t cheating your way to self-confidence.

Instead, it’s a stepping stone to achieving that goal. It’s a way to continually prove to yourself that you’re formidable.

You deserve to enjoy the feeling of achieving a goal. It really does a lot for your pride and self-esteem. It helps you believe that tougher goals, though intimidating, are achievable.

As you work towards developing self-confidence, remember you are your only hindrance. There isn’t an external factor that can prevent you from becoming the person you want to be.

Challenge yourself

Push yourself to feel uncomfortable if that’s what it takes to prove your strength. In time, you’ll start to feel your confidence building. Soon, there won’t be a door you feel intimidated to open! 

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