Printable Calming, Mindful Coloring Book for Kids and Adults


Looking for an easy way to relax your mind?

Mindfulness can bring you back to the present moment and help you live a more peaceful life.

When you find yourself focusing on the coloring pages and intricately detailed images, the stress and chaos of everyday life will slip to the back of your mind.

Mindful coloring allows you to focus on the task in front of you. Mindful coloring images are frequently intricate, with repeated patterns and designs. As an individual colors on the pages, the level of focus necessary takes over the brain, essentially quieting thoughts of daily life, such as reminders, to do lists, or problems.


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Mindfulness provides so many benefits for everyone. When you need to slow down and relax your mind, coloring can help.

Practicing mindfulness means focusing on your emotions,
your senses, and your thoughts. To practice mindfulness,
you have to slow down.
Sometimes it helps to close your eyes.
Other times, it helps to color.
Benefits of Mindfulness
Slow Your Mind
Reduce Stress
Boost Memory
Improve Focus
Reduce Negative Emotional Reactions
This resource provides 25 coloring pages that students can use to refocus, calm their minds, and prepare their brains for learning.
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