Growth Mindset Activity Book & Journal Full Set


Does you find yourself struggling to believe in yourself?

Has this trait passed on to your children?

The Growth Mindset books offer activities and reflections to help you and your children develop a stronger growth mindset. You will be able to tackle challenges with ease, build resilience habits, and develop a more positive attitude toward learning!

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Your mindset will help you in completing tasks, problem solving, and growing your intelligence. A growth mindset will help you when you face struggles and failures. By understanding that our brains have the capacity to grow and learn, we are more likely to try new things and be more successful.

This set contains 8 activity books, each with 4 activities and a Challenge to support students as they learn more about Growth Mindset.
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The Full Series:

Book 1: What is Growth Mindset & How Can it Help Me?

Activity 1: What is a mindset

Activity 2: Fixed mindset & Growth mindset

Activity 3: Do you have a growth mindset?

Activity 4: How can growth mindset help me?

CHALLENGE: Track your mindsets!


Book 2: Inspiring People Who Used Their Growth Mindset

Activity 1: Famous Success Stories

Activity 2: How Does Failure Make Us Stronger?

Activity 3: Steps to Success

Activity 4: The Hidden Hard Work



Book 3: Learning to Learn

Activity 1: You’ve Already Learned So Much!

Activity 2: Inspect Your Interests

Activity 3: Learning in Steps

Activity 4: Character Traits for Learning

CHALLENGE: Learn Something New!


Book 4: Do I Have A Fixed Mindset?

Activity 1: Notice the Mindset

Activity 2: Fixed Mindset Triggers

Activity 3: Challenge Yourself

Activity 4: Celebrate Everything

CHALLENGE: Learning Opportunities


Book 5: Embracing Mistakes & Failures

Activity 1: Change Your Perspective

Activity 2: Millions of Mistakes

Activity 3: Grow Your Brain

Activity 4: Unintentional Inventions

CHALLENGE: Make Some Mistakes!


Book 6: Setting Goals

Activity 1: Vision Board

Activity 2: S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Activity 3: Make A Plan

Activity 4: Facing Challenges



Book 7: Asking for Help

Activity 1: Why is it Hard to Ask for Help?

Activity 2: Recognize Your Network

Activity 3: Who Can You Ask?

Activity 4: Finding the Experts

CHALLENGE: Ask for Help


Book 8: Celebrate Accomplishments

Activity 1: Reasons to Celebrate

Activity 2: Positive Attitude

Activity 3: Celebrate ALL the Wins

Activity 4: Celebrations


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