Never Stop Learning


Learning Challenge Journal: Guided Journal to Encourage Learning

This journal provides 12 weeks of learning challenges.

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Make Learning a Habit.

The first challenge supports the learner to make learning a daily habit.

Remember the saying, “Learn something new every day.”? Well this section will help you make that a reality.

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Find FUN Challenges

Learning can be fun and exciting when you’re working on things you truly enjoy.

This section will hep you seek out the new learning adventures that will inspire you most.

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Learn About Family & Friends

Take the time to get to know the people who are closest to you.

This section offers a set of challenges that will have you spending time with your friends and family with creative ideas for fun activities.

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Celebrate Your Accomplishments

No accomplishment is complete without a celebration!

Learn the importance of celebrating all your achievements, big and small.

How to Use this Journal:


  • Start each week by choosing 7 new learning challenges.
  • Use the Weekly Learning Challenge Focus and suggestions to help you decide what you would like to attempt.
  • Log each one on the day you will attempt the challenge.
  • Start Learning!
  • Use the reflections to examine your new knowledge, skills, and effort.

Your Own Path:

  • Look through the journal to decide on Weekly Learning Challenges and suggestions you may like to attempt.
  • Consider what you may need to learn or things that interest you.
  • Create a list of suggestions you would like to try.
  • Use the reflections to examine your learning style, new knowledge, motivation, and effort.

Are you ready to experience the amazing benefits of lifelong learning?

Did you realize that learning new things offers more benefits than just the knowledge you gain?

✓  Learning new skills and knowledge will help improve the quality of your life.

Whether you are learning a new skill or a fun hobby, the new knowledge will bring new experiences and adventures into your life.

✓  Learning can help improve your confidence.

As you learn new skills, your confidence in your abilities will increase.

✓  Learning can enhance your social life.

Many times, learning comes with a community. 

✓  Learning new skills encourages you to learn even more skills.

As you learn new skills, you wills start to realize just how fun and exciting learning new things can be.    

✓  Learning expands your mind and makes you a better problem solver.

By learning new skills, you learn new ways of doing things. This leads to more options when you are solving problems. It also leads you to becoming more open minded and innovative!

Your brain is like a muscle, and learning is like exercise. Learning new skills will improve the neural pathways in your brain, making learning easier over time.

This journal provides 12 weeks of learning challenges.

12 Challenge focus ideas

  • Week 1: Focus on Making Learning a Habit.
  • Week 2: Focus on Finding FUN Challenges
  • Week 3: Focus on Making the FUN Challenges More Difficult
  • Week 4: Focus on Learning New Skills
  • Week 5: Focus on Building Communication Skills
  • Week 6: Focus on Learning to Help Others
  • Week 7: Focus on Learning About Where You Live
  • Week 8: Focus on Learning About Your Family & Friends
  • Week 9: Focus on Learning More About Yourself
  • Week 10: Focus on Enhancing Your Senses
  • Week 11: Focus on Celebrating Your Accomplishments
  • Week 12: Focus on Improving Yourself

120 Suggestions for learning challenges

12 Weeks of daily reflections.

Start your habit of lifelong learning today!

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10 – 12, 13 – 15

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Confidence, Growth Mindset, Lifelong Learning, Personal Strength, Success Mindset

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