There is Fire Inside You: A Journal Experience that will Inspire Self Awareness, Confidence, Grit, and Inner Peace.


Created to build the self love, confidence, and grit everyday life can sometimes drain out of you. 

♥ Has your personal confidence and self love been on the back burner?

♥ Are you looking for a journal and diary that you can use for boosting self confidence, self love and self esteem?

If so, then There is a Fire Inside You: Journal and Workbook is the perfect resource for you.

What you will find in this book:

  • Inspirational & motivational quotes
  • Thought provoking journal prompts
  • Goal setting tools
  • Confidence building exercises
  • Opportunities to examine your emotional responses
  • Reflection activities

Ready to stop waiting for peace and confidence and make it part of your life today? Don’t wait any longer. Buy this book NOW to build the happier, stronger, more confident self you’ve always known you could have.

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We are all unique, awe inspiring, and inspirational individuals. When life brings discouragement, this book will remind you how beautiful and amazing you truly are.

This journal provides journal prompts that will boost confidence, provide support for goal setting, and encourage self reflection. 

Confidence is the fire within you.

Some days it may only be the smoldering embers of yesterday’s passion, but it is there.

Waiting for you to spark the flame.

Waiting for you to find the new passion that will ignite your soul.

– Bethany C Goding

It’s time to stand up

& find your fire.

It isn’t an easy process, but I promise it will be worth it.

Just remember this,

You deserve freedom from your insecurities.

You deserve to see tomorrow with fresh eyes.

You deserve to feel confidence.

You deserve to be proud of who you are today.

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13 – 15, 15 – 18, Adult

Character Trait

Confidence, Persistence, Personal Strength, Resilience, Self Awareness

Resource Type

Journals, Paperback Book

Available in Paperback, Hardcover, or Download & Print

Paperback: Color Interior, Paperback: B&W Interior, Hardcover, Download & Print

1 review for There is Fire Inside You: A Journal Experience that will Inspire Self Awareness, Confidence, Grit, and Inner Peace.

  1. Michelle T.

    Amazing tool for self reflection
    This book is great for self reflection. It aids in developing a better self awareness which can truly drive you towards reaching personal and professional goals…or just help you calm down. It arrived quickly after ordering and was just as expected. Highly recommend!

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