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60 Days of Gratitude

60 Days of Gratitude

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A Reflection Journal for Self-Discovery

Reflections and strategies to build a daily gratitude practice in 60 days.

             Did you know that practicing gratitude can improve your happiness?

Practicing Gratitude has been proven to help build a positive and healthy mindset!

This journal provides thoughtful reflections and quotes that will inspire you to dig into your life to find gratitude every day.

This Gratitude Journal is designed to help make noticing, feeling, and expressing gratitude a daily habit.

Each page contains a quote or question that will help you examine your life in search of the positives.

     Opportunities to express gratitude for everyday treasures are included on each page.

Studies show that expressing gratitude has a positive effect on your mental and physical health.

The benefits brought about by practicing gratitude can lead to stronger relationships, greater happiness, and a more positive view of life.

This journal contains:

  • 60 Gratitude Inspiring Reflections & Quotes
  • 60 Opportunities to Reflect on Daily Gratitude
  • 8 Gratitude Practice Reflection Questions
  • Inspirational Quotes

       Start today to build your gratitude habit in 60 days.

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