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Family Connection Journal

Family Connection Journal

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Activities, Games & Challenges to Inspire Growth for the Whole Family

Over 50 Activities for students and their families to grow and learn!

This book will bring your family closer together as you learn about building a love of learning, overcoming fear of failure, and developing problem solving skills.

  • Notes for parents to help make the most of each section
  • Notes for students to encourage and inspire
  • Activities for students
  • Activities, games, and challenges for the whole family

Included in this book:

✓ Strategies to Improve Learning

✓ Grow Your Love of Learning

✓ Problem Solving

✓ Embrace Mistakes

✓ Celebrate Everything


Have fun and make memories and build family connection as you learn to problem solve, embrace mistakes, and crush goals together.

Order this workbook and start building your family connections today!

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