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Find Your Inner Superhero

Find Your Inner Superhero

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A Reflection Journal to Strengthen Courage and Grit 
Daily diary with prompts and exercises to help you bring out your strongest self.

Created to build the self confidence, courage, and grit everyday life can sometimes drain out of you.

          Have you found yourself wishing you had the courage to make changes in your life?

         Are you looking for a journal and diary that you can use for boosting self confidence, courage and grit?

If so, then Find Your Inner Superhero: A Journal to Build Self Courage and Grit to  is the perfect resource for you.

What you will find in this book:

  • Inspirational & motivational quotes
  • Thought provoking journal prompts
  • Confidence building exercises
  • Reflection activities
  • Daily practice for self discovery

Ready to stop waiting for peace and confidence and make it part of your life today?

Don't wait any longer. Start building a happier, stronger, & more courageous inner self.

Pick up your copy today.

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-Bethany C. Goding