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Kindness Journal: Kind Words, Kind Acts, Kind Hearts

Kindness Journal: Kind Words, Kind Acts, Kind Hearts

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Guided Writing Prompts, Activities, and Reflections to

Explore the Importance of Kindness


                          Are you ready to feel the benefits of building a kindness habit?

                             This journal will help you strengthen your kindness muscles.
Designed for ages 10+

This inspirational Kindness Journal provides over 100 activities to encourage kindness reflection and practice.

The activities in this book will build kindness habits and skills.

  • Over 60 Writing prompts
  • Over 35 Kindness Quote Reflection Prompts
  • 5 "Create Your Own" Acts of Kindness Lists
  • 20 Acts of Kindness & Reflection Writing Prompts

Showing kindness to others has been proven to provide individuals with many benefits.

  • Build relationships
  • Increase self esteem
  • Develop empathy
  • Physical benefits
  • Boosts happiness

Kindness can take many forms. Sometimes, it’s helping a friend carry something heavy, or holding the door for someone. Other times, kindness is saying “thank you” for help you received.

This beautiful book is

  • 7 in x 10 in
  • Crisp, white pages
  • Plenty of room for responses
  • Matte, paperback cover
  • Positive Inspirational Quotes
  • Makes a great gift

                                             Get ready to stretch your kindness muscles.

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It is absolutely possible for one person to make a difference in the world. By believing in your dream and sharing it with others, even the smallest ripples you make will be felt by those across the sea. 

-Bethany C. Goding